Wednesday, July 18, 2012


You should  check your emotions each and every day...even during the day.

No matter what's going on in your life you must be thankful that you are here to see another day.

I'm a Christian. So, every morning when I wake up I give thanks to my Lord and Saviour by saying, "Thank you Jesus!"   

Now, that's what I do...I am truly thankful for another day my Father allows me to see. He's given me another opportunity to get it right, cause you know we're not perfect, but I strive to be the best person I can possibly be. Ok, I digress

You know what you do when you wake up every morning? You're thinking about all the things you need to do, what happened yesterday at work, with family, friends, etc.

Just stop! When your mind starts controlling your emotions first thing in the morning you must stop.

If you take anything from the blog today take this: You can't change the past! I'll repeat...You can't change the past!!

As women we may think we have the power, but we don't. Heck, if I could change the past I wouldn't be writing this blog right now. I would have the perfect body married to a Richard Branson (billionaire) type living on the French Riviera!!
LOL!! I must admit that was funny! Anyway, you get my point...stop living in the past.

Now, what I'm about to say might sound a little crazy to some of you. "You have to wake up every day as if you was going to conquer the world!" You have to determine that you are going to have a super day no matter what! You must determine in your heart that what ever you may face today you're going to face it with a smile.

Ok, try the following steps tomorrow when you wake up:

1. Give thanks that you are seeing another day, no matter what your spiritual beliefs maybe.*
*Even if you wake up with some aches and pains you have to be thankful that you are here to fill those aches and pains.

2. Don't allow what happened yesterday dominate your thoughts. Stop it before you are so far gone there's no point of return.

3. Determine in your heart that you will have a fantastic day. No matter what you may face that day you're going to face it with a smile.

Listen, is this stuff easy? NO! But when you make it a habit of checking your emotions every day you will begin to see changes in yourself and in the people around you. 

Listen ladies were are by nature emotional creatures, so it's even more important that we check our emotions each and every day.
You can do it!!!

You're the BEst!!
High Five

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